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Staying In?

It’s meant to be fairly cold this weekend, not a bad shout to put the legs up and relax in front of the fire. If you do indeed find yourself doing that this weekend and Monday night 😉 Check out what’s on the telly below! 


The dark knight- saturday 16th november – sky one – 21:00

Personally, I have never been into superhero movies. Just not my cup of tea. However, The Dark Knight is gripping, quite dark and extremely complex. Again, this is a movie I assume most people have seen. It’s probably known for having one of the greatest film villains of all time – Heath Ledger’s Joker. For me this character makes the movie, I have never found myself rooting for the villain in any movie as I did in this one.

A must watch for any movie buff, simply outstanding.  I think a few bottles of Cobra beer and a steak sandwich would go down a treat.

lone survivor – sunday 17TH NOVEMBEr – film four – 21:00

Based on a true Story, Lone Survivor tells the story of four U.S Navy SEALs and their mission to locate and terminate the leader of the Taliban. Unfortunately, the mission does not go as planned and the SEALs find themselves in a situation they hadn’t planned for, a fight for survival. The realisation of the situation kicks in when they realise, they are completely outnumbered. There are some stages where this can be a tough watch but then again so are most war movies.



This is it, our chance to make history. To be a part of a major international tournament. EURO 2020 awaits us if we can beat Denmark. Am I optimistic? 100% I am. Denmark are without a doubt a better footballing team, but Ireland have something that many better teams lack. Heart and desire. The players will be up for this one. David McGoldrick, James McClean & Matt Doherty all looking to be the deciding factor, all looking to go to EURO 2020.

As I’m having a few friends over I’ll have a few bottles of Carlsberg for anyone who fancies it.


Are You Over 18?