Do you remember that advert from Discover Ireland about ten years ago? The one showcasing the rolling hills of Connemara, Galway’s festival scene and the vast beaches along Ireland’s coast? No? Maybe we’re showing our age.

When we first saw Island’s Edge Stout, it immediately captured that same sense of Ireland for us. The pack itself is top class, its design is simple but colourful and really catches the eye. We’re a fan of the glass as well, not your typical stout pint glass, more a lager glass approach.. fitting for the new age of stout drinkers.

Now the technical bit – “Island’s Edge stout is a refreshing new take on smooth & creamy. With softened bitterness, a harmonious blend of roast & chocolate notes and an unexpectedly refreshing finish. Island’s Edge is a modern take on stout for the next generation of stout drinkers.”

The stout itself is made in Cork, home to Murphy’s and Beamish, two well established stout brands, what’s different in Islands Edge though, is its inclusion of Tea & Basil as ingredients.

Like, what’s the one thing that could make a pint of black stuff more Irish only tea!

A very smart move by Heineken, as the tea takes out the bitter finish associated with hops, but doesn’t remove the other flavours, leaving you with an exceptionally smooth & creamy stout.

Island’s Edge Stout is available in Carry Out Off Licences across the country, in 4 & 8 Packs, so why not give it a try this weekend, and feel free to let us know what you think?


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