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5 Fun Whiskey Facts

5 fun Whiskey Facts

Interested in learning more about Whiskey? Well here is a good place to start. Take a look at these 5 fun and amazing facts about Whiskey. These bite size fun facts are just the right amount and are a perfect conversation starter.

5 fun Facts

1. Whiskey starts off life as a beer.

The distillers start by fermenting grains, (just like a beer brewer would) to release sugars that yeast will eventually convert into alcohol.While beer is packaged after fermentation, a whiskey is distilled multiple times to extract the alcohol.

2. The word Whiskey means ‘Water of Life’

Quite beautiful really, the word come from the Gaelic/Irish word uisce/uisge which means water.

3. The oldest Whiskey in the world is over 150 years old

Bottled in 1851, the Glenavon Special Liqueur hold this rather amazing title. Oh for just a sip.

4. Whiskey is specific is Ireland and Whisky to Scotland

Just to cause a little confusion, this often googled question is simply down to geography. The scottish scotch use no ‘e’ where Irish uses ‘Whiskey’. A fun way to remember is if the source country has an “e” in their names (United States and Ireland) these countries tend to use whiskey, while countries without an “e” (Scotland, Canada, and Japan) use whisky.

5. One billion bottles of scotch are exported from Scotland each year

Whisky is one of the biggest exports in Scotland but wow, that’s a lot of bottles.

We hope you found these bite sized fact enjoyable.

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