Festival Packing Tips, Brought to you by Carry Out Off Licence


Electric Picnic weekend is fast approaching, make sure you make the most of this and pack all the essentials. For the ‘what to bring’ questions, check our our top festival packing tips below;

1. Pack a pair of socks for each day and then DOUBLE the amount

Socks are like gold and they run out fast, especially with the weather that we are due. If you think you have packed too much, add one more.

2. Bring bin bags

Both to use to clean up after and to use to place your wet clothes and shoes!

3. Bring a clothes peg to hang clothes in the tent

Small to pack and will come in handy when sharing a small tent.

4. Leave a fresh pair of socks and a cozy jumper in your car

You will thank us Monday when you have something clean and cosy to pop on!

5. Pack duct tape

You will be thankful when your backpack or tent decides to pack in!

6. Pack a torch

For the late night trips to the loo, this is an essential tool, plus using your phone will waste your precious battery.

7. Bring multiple charge packs

Between taking selfies, finding friends and recording ‘that band’ you will run through these so easily. Make sure to charge before.

8. Bring Cash

There are ATM machines but these are often busy, machines also tend to break down and loose coverage so best to have some to hand.

We hope you enjoyed our festival packing tips, Enjoy!

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