Tequila is the national spirit of Mexico and one of the most individual spirits on the planet. Tequila is the product of the Blue Agave.  A large relative of the lily, (not a cactus) the plant is a leaf succulent and looks very much like the top of a pineapple. The Agave takes between 8-12 years to mature. The plants are supervised and as they reach maturity they produce a large spiky flower head.  This is removed by the Jimador (harvester) and concentrates the starch in the bulky heart or pina. When the plant is ready for harvest the spiky leaves are cut of and the large heart which can weight in excess of 100kg is transported to the distillery.  It is then steamed and fermented to produce a pulque - a kind of agave beer and then distilled, normally twice in a Pot Still but there are some exceptions. Regardless, all tequilas come off the still at a low proof, ensuring a full range of agave characters in the final spirit

Tequila is split into four categories:

  1. Blanco or silver - aged less than 60 days in metal or wood
  2. Joven Abocado - with added caramel but unaged the ‘gold’ tequila
  3. Reposado - aged in wood between 61 days and 1 year
  4. Anejo - aged for more than 1 year