Storing & Serving

Storing Beer

Beer for home consumption should be stored on the bottom shelf of a fridge or in a cool area out of contact with direct sunlight. Once removed from the fridge it

should be served promptly. If you are having a party, an option to ensure the beer you are serving remains at the optimum serving temperature is to store the beer in a large container with ice and water to it.  

Serving Beer

Choose a glass which complements the type of beer you are serving and suits the serving occasion. Then, open the beer with care. Next step is to pour the beer. The pouring of beer has a key role in serving beer as it impacts on the type of head on the beer. The type of head, whether a creamy, high or low can be created by the proximity of the bottle to the glass when pouring and is ultimately a personal preference of the consumer. Lager should generally be served chilled whilst ales be should be served in between chilled and room temperature.